Welcome to SailClear

SailClear is an optional service available for use by yachts and other pleasure craft operators who wish to submit their Customs declarations in the form of electronic notifications, prior to arrival in countries where the system is available.

This facility enables registered users to access the system to enter and update notifications about their vessel or vessels, crew and passengers while transiting the Caribbean region. Users of SailClear simply submit their voyage details in its entirety in the first instance thereafter only minor alterations and edits are needed for ongoing/future voyages.

SailClear service is currently available to Customs, Immigration and Port Authority although initially only Customs and Immigration will utilize the system The overarching objective of the system is to enhance the user experience by providing a quick and seamless process of facilitation through the required authorities. What this translates to is more of your valuable time being spent in enjoying your trip.

Registering for the service is quick and only takes a few minutes. Enter your Name, a valid email and chose a secure password. You will then be on your way to submit your notifications.

Dominican Republic
Cayman Islands
Saint Lucia
Saint Kitts and Nevis
British Virgin Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands