Required Documents Specification

The required documents and requirements are listed here

Saint Lucia

Required Documents

Hello! Saint Lucia welcomes you.

During this time the unfortunate existance of the Covid-19 pandemic  has cause many of the island incluidng St. Lucia to change its protocols and policies to adapt in order to provide the best health care and accomodation to its visitors. 

Below is all the information needed when entering St. Lucia. It is very important to be aware of this information. 

Contact the Port Health Office at with the following information:

  • Name of vessel, arrival date and eta.
  • Passport picture pages of all onboard.
  • Completed Maritime Health Declaration Form attached (one per vessel).
  • Completed customs (one per boat) and immigration forms (one per person). For the Customs declaration it is advisable that pre-clearance is completed via the online platform

Please read thoroughly the links below with Quarantine Rules and Entry protocols for St. Lucia. 

See link below for vessels sailing into St Lucia: 

See link below for persons flying into St Lucia:

Publish Date: 04-26-2021

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